9 Ball – Classic American Pool Game

A Billiards Game Dating Back To The ’20s

Nine ball is a billiards game that  is dated back to 1920’s.  It’s usually a fun and recreational game generally one to one but has recently become popular in Pool tournaments. It is a great game to play and very closely related to and similar to 8 ball. Visit www.PoolTableMoversHouston.net for some cool billiards info and to find billiards services in the Houston area.

racked 9 ball getting moved
The object of nine ball is to legally pocket the nine ball. The rules are basic and simple. Each player takes a turn shooting the cue ball at the lowest numbered ball on the table. To make the shot legal otherwise not a file, the player must use the cue ball to strike the lowest numbered ball on the table so that either the object ball is pocketed, it’s a rail, or the cue ball it’s self it’s a rail, otherwise the shot will be called a foul. The game may be won easily if the shooter has an opportunity to pocket the nine ball using the lowest numbered ball to strike it. The game is that simple, but that makes it so fun. The fact that any shooter can win at any given time, including the break. Now, every one has their own small variations to their own game of nine ball but these are the standard playing rules, generally speaking.
Rule variations and standardized rules can also be found at the Billiard Congress of America website or the world Pool billiard Association. Some of the more popular rules include the Texas express rules that actually make the game move along quicker by sidelining some of the deviating tactics that shooters can make to  make an opponents shoot harder and induce a foul.
Europe also created their own twist on the rules. The European pocket billiard Federation in Europe has done away with some of the racking rules and so forth. One of the more interesting rules that the Europeans use is they use an integrated racking tech make that requires no physical rack. This new technique allows for a tight and consistent rack every time. This inhibits a low and underhanded opponent trying to sabotage a rack.
Nine ball is a fun and exciting game. The best way to learn more about it is to get out there and play. So what are you waiting for? Close down your computer and go hit the pool hall. Have fun.

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9  ball is  a great game to play with your buddies but there are also nine balls competitions throughout the country and around the world. You can find out about local leagues from your neighborhood pool hall and from there I’m sure you can enter some local amateur competition. From their skills and see if you upper-level competition. It’s a great way to set up.

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