San Diego Pool Table Movers

San Diego has always been a fine city to visit.

When you are in San Diego you feel great. The best thing about San Diego is the weather, it doesn’t get better than this.

Another great thing about San Diego is the night life. There are no shortage of bars and night clubs in San Diego.  The most concentrated area being the Historic Gas Lamp Quarter. The Gas Lamp Quarter is located in the heart of San Diego, downtown.coronado_bridge

You have the choice of jazz bars, bar and grills, fine dining and of course bowling and billiards. It does not get much better.¬† Various modes of transportation ensure the safety of not having to drink and drive: bicycle taxis, traditional taxis, an awesome trolley system, you name it > San Diego’s got it.

Billiards is an awesome way to relax, have fun and pass time with friends. Check out the San Diego Leagues Website >>>> Here<<<< to find out about events and how to join. There are many places to play pool and have a great time in San Diego. If you own your own pool table and need to have it transported please visit the Best Pool Table Movers San Diego website. These guys know how to move a pool table properly and install with precision.

Top Ten Places To Shoot Pool In San Diego

  1. Que Billiard
  2. O Billiard Cafe
  3. The Break Room
  4. Hungry Stick
  5. Bluefoot Bar & Lounge
  6. Kelly’s Pub
  7. The Silver Fox
  8. The Library
  9. Cass Street Bar & Grill
  10. Brewski’s Bar

Be Nice

Local pool players do not take kindly to rude amateurs. You can even end up eating a fist if you’re not careful. Just use common sense and courtesy and you will be fine. Don’t try distracting your opponent by standing in their view while shooting and don’t cough or make any other loud noises while they are shooting.

Don’t Drink & Drive

As stated previously in this article, their are many modes of transportation in San Diego, take advantage of them. The San Diego Police Department is very careful and watchful. Do not test the boys in blue or you will end up in a San Diego Jail. Make it fun and try out the bicycle taxi. You could even take a bicycle taxi in conjunction¬† with the trolley, how cool is that? What ever you do don’t be a bone head, they are worse things than jail because of drinking and driving.

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